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Scout Your Opponent- Top 3 Tips for High School Basketball Coaches

To win a match, it is very important to find out the weakness of the opponent and attack on that very right place. It is called scouting the opponent. It is very time consuming and difficult task for the high school basketball coaches if they do not know the proper way. Today I am going to discuss top 3 ways to scout the opponent which will make this scouting very easy and effective.



High school basketball coaches do not have the huge funding like the national level coaches. Again, they are not assisted by a large group of staffs to break down the film and finding out the points. That is why they often have to drive in different states and watch the game to find out the opponent’s flaws. They have to pick it live from the game as the high school basketball coaches do not get the high resolution video support. Well, it may seem pretty easy, but actually it’s very difficult to do.
Usually, a basketball coach watches a match, takes some notes and tries to draw the game on the back. The toughest part is to analyze the game and act the findings into the team’s improvement. If you do not know how to find out and imply the flaws, it will be a really hard job. Let’s make this work more effective and efficient for you.

How To Scout Opponent- Top 3 Methods:

1. A Pre-Made Diagram Will Save Your Time:

It’s a common mistake to visit the opponents game with a white paper. In such case, you have to draw a new diagram, each time when something happens in the court and you want to note that down. A pre-made diagram will help you to focus the activities inside the court rather than drawing diagrams. Thus, you can get an easy going and organized report on

A Pre-Made Diagram Will Save Your Time

2. Divide Each Quarter To Understand Their Strategy:

It is very important for the coaches to understand the different aspect of the opponent in different quarters. You may have listed what they did, but you will not get their strategy until you know when they did. Timing is very important in basketball and that is why every coach uses their strength and weakness in a stimulated way. Whole match report will seem like garbage, but if you break the report according to the quarter, you will realize a completely different prospect of the game.



3. Do Not Overload The Information:

Do not try to be too specific. If you try to teach your team everything about the opponent, it will simply overload them. Just look for their natural reaction in each stage of the game and plan to defeat that strategy. That is more than enough to keep you one step ahead of the opponent.



As I said, scouting is the process which will advance you in the game plan than the opponents. Try to focus on their strategy, their weakness and their action in each stage. If you catch them properly, you can beat them easily. Good Luck!

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