Top 2 Nuisance of Boxing

The adrenaline of your blood will surely increase when you remember the final round of World Boxing Championship match. Boxing is not just a game; it’s the combination of patience, hard work, dedication and skill. From time to time, the appearance of the game has changed a bit, but it did not lose its appeal to a single bit, not to the player, nor to the spectators. It’s the great exhibition of precision and sportsmanship. But a few things in boxing are quite unnecessary which somehow paled the glory of the game.

Top 2 Nuisance Of Boxing:
A sport can be entertaining and educational simultaneously. But these two things in boxing have no positive impact, neither on the players not the visitors.
1. Over Confidence and Think Thyself Unbeatable:
Well, in the game and in the ring, self confidence, motivation, mind game and skill play a vital role to decide the winner. But there is a very thin line between limited self confidence which will boost the energy of the boxer and overdose of confidence which will surely destroy all his hard works. Most of the boxer in this world likes to think that they are unbeatable. But there will always be at least one person who is more skilled or more experienced in this game. You may not face him in the ring, but that doesn’t extinct them.


For example: Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers in the world who was very brutal, tougher and unbeatable in his days until Buster Douglas knocked him down. Mike is still a living legend who was thought to be unbeatable, but he is not. Only GOD is incomparable, nothing else.
If a boxer thinks that he unbeatable, he will only show his arrogance, immaturity and ignorance rather than his patience, hard work and boxing skills. It is very important to acknowledge because thus you can learn from the others.

2. Concentrate on the Game rather Than Trash Talking:
There is a common tradition of trash talking before the game. These trash talking are something like that “You won’t be able to stand for 3 rounds, I will knock you down, I will win, then find and laugh at you blah blah blah….”

Okay, let me get this straight. Why people do so? To pinch the temper of the opposition and make them angry so he becomes mentally unstable. In the anger, people cannot make the correct decision and the talker takes the benefit of it. Well, if you think yourself as a great athlete, you should be ashamed because instead of showing your physical skills over him, you are trying to manipulate and get advantage mentally. If you are a good boxer, you do not need to use your mouth; a pair of fist is enough to speak for you.
Boxing is the game for the most hardworking and dedicated athletes. Only physically the fittest can survive. You do not need to trash talk, you do not need bravado. Keep your mouth shut and let your hand talk. Respect your opponent and believe in yourself. That is called sportsmanship.

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