Swimming competitions – History of swimming

It is known that the first swimming competitions were held in ancient world – the pictures on the archaeological finds made on the territory of ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and other countries are the direct evidences of this.

A traditionof holding competitions in swimming revived in late Middle Ages in Europe. For example, according to the found documents, we know that such competitions were held in Veniceat the turn of XV-XVI century.


In the middle of the XIX century active construction of artificial pools began and the organizations of swimming athletes were created one-by-one in many countries (England – in 1869, Sweden – in 1882, Hungary and Germany –in 1886 etc.).

Swimming competitions were included in the program of the first Olympic Games in 1896. Twelve years later (in 1908) International Swimming Federation (or FINA)developed its first official rules of swimming competitions (“FINA rules”). (more…)